About our Candidate

Jane Michael has been a proud resident of Burlington for over 30 years. Jane and her husband, Barry, raised four children here. Jane has always had a passion for giving back and making meaningful contributions to her community. Jane has dedicated much of her time over the years to volunteering in local schools and in her church, and is an active member of the Canadian Women’s League. Jane has been a Trustee for two terms and Chair for two years on the Halton Catholic District School Board. Professionally, Jane owns and operates a local restaurant and knows very well the challenges small businesses in Burlington face, and how decisions made in Ottawa affect them.

Though her experience and involvement in local organizations, charities, and running her own business, Jane has made connections with people from all across Burlington. From these relationships Jane has learned in depth the wide range of issues facing our communities, and where our leadership must do better to serve the people of Burlington.