Environmental Plan

September 24, 2019


Conservatives naturally want to protect and maintain the places that we call home and the things that we love about them. We want to preserve the beautiful environment that we enjoy in Burlington and the amazing variety of natural landscapes and biodiversity we have across the country.


The changing climate and its effects must be a focus of our concern. We want to make a plan that works, rather than something that sounds good, but doesn’t deliver and hurts Canadians in the process.


The Liberals have a collection of band-aid solutions that do not address the problem. Carbon taxes are not going to help with climate change. They are an unnecessary burden to people without delivering the results they claim to. China emits more in twenty days than we do in a year. Penalizing Canadian businesses and citizens for minor effects is not a good strategy.


The Conservative environmental plan is innovative, cooperative and focused on the development of win-win solutions.


Our plan includes the creation of an array of smart incentives that encourage people to make decisions that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Here are a few examples:


  1. Green Investment Standards (requiring polluters whose emissions exceed certain limits to invest in emissions-reduction technology)
  2. Green Homes Tax Credit (20% credit on income tax for green improvements to your home)
  3. Green Patent Credit (for innovators and entrepreneurs who create new emissions-reducing technology)
  4. Reinstate funding for conservation practices
  5. Green Expansion Accelerator (cost allowances to industries that reduce emissions in other countries)
  6. Canadian Clean Brand product designation (a high-quality standard to encourage the development of environmentally friendly consumables)


Canada has the expertise, and resources to be leaders in innovation. We want to encourage and enable our high-tech sector to do what they can do best – create new and refined processes to deliver cleaner, low cost energy for Canadians. We have the resources and the know-how to do it with world-class energy and high-tech firms in hubs across the country.


At the end of the day, the development of Canadian energy is good for everyone, including the environment. Here’s why.


When we source our own energy, we make fewer imports. A significant portion of our oil is imported from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Leaving aside the ethical questions of trading extensively with these regimes, the total level of pollution and carbon footprint that is the result of doing so is much higher than what it would be if we used more of our own reserves.

Opening up trade within our own country is a win-win, as it is a major boon to our national economy, and a cleaner source of energy overall than the present alternatives.


Innovation can only take place when there is money to be spent. The energy companies are ready to innovate; consumers are ready to buy green products and services; and every business out there would invest and produce in an environmentally friendly way if it was cost effective to do so.


Our plan is smart, forward-looking and sensible. We will work to encourage innovation and carry out policy that make an impact on your wallet, and on the natural environment that we all enjoy.