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Jane Michael has been a proud resident of Burlington for over 30 years. Jane and her husband, Barry, raised four children here and recently welcomed their first beautiful granddaughter. Jane has always had a passion for giving back and making meaningful contributions to her community. Jane has dedicated much of her time over the years to volunteering in local schools and in her church, and is an active member of the Canadian Women’s League. Jane has been a Trustee for two terms and Chair for two years on the Halton Catholic District School Board. Jane is also actively involved with the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation. Professionally, Jane owns and operates a local restaurant and knows very well the challenges small businesses in Burlington face, and how decisions made in Ottawa affect them.

Though her experience and involvement in local organizations, charities, and running her own business, Jane has made connections with people from all across Burlington. From these relationships Jane has learned in depth the wide range of issues facing our communities, and where our leadership must do better to serve the people of Burlington.

Jane Michael for Burlington

Jane will represent the hard-working people of Burlington to help put an end to Justin Trudeau’s failed policies. The current Liberal Government has imposed policies that hurt our economy, abandon our families, and leave our children and grandchildren to foot the bill for the mess they have has created.

Jane’s vision for strong representation in Ottawa that is committed to the people of Burlington comes down to one thing - respect. Respecting the taxpayer, respecting our future generations, and respecting each other and engaging in thoughtful debate.

In the 2019 federal election, along with Leader Andrew Scheer and the strong team of Conservatives from across Canada, Jane Michael will be a fresh voice that helps bring responsible leadership back to Ottawa.

"I know the people of Burlington. These are my friends, family, and neighbours. I know how hard they work. I won’t stand for reckless spending and passing down massive debts to our children and grandchildren. The people of Burlington deserve better than that. I will proudly represent Burlington and bring a brighter future to our community"

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