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October 02, 2019

Respecting our Seniors

In Canada, we are lucky to have a world class health care and pension system. These institutions make the transition to retirement and old age comfortable.   A challenge facing societies around the world is changing demographics and the burden it places on these institutions of care and support. As...

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September 24, 2019

Environmental Plan

  Conservatives naturally want to protect and maintain the places that we call home and the things that we love about them. We want to preserve the beautiful environment that we enjoy in Burlington and the amazing variety of natural landscapes and biodiversity we have across the country.   The...

September 23, 2019

A Plan for Affordable Home Ownership

Today, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced that a new Conservative government would introduce four new measures to make it easier for first-time homebuyers to buy a home. “With his poor judgement and tax hikes, Justin Trudeau has put the dream of home ownership further out of reach for so many,...

September 22, 2019

More support for Canada’s Veterans

Canadian Veterans struggling with months-long waits for pensions and benefits can count on a new Conservative government to take immediate action to get them the support they deserve. Andrew Scheer, leader of Canada’s Conservatives, announced a comprehensive plan today to deliver more help to Canada’s Veterans in a timely and...

September 21, 2019

The Universal Tax Cut

The average Canadian family will save over $850 per year on their income taxes after a Conservative government reduces the rate of the lowest-income tax bracket with the Universal Tax Cut, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer announced, “It’s time for a universal tax cut that is focused on you,” said...

September 19, 2019

Making Life Affordable

Over the course of the Liberals’ tenure, Canadians have seen their cost of living increase as taxes and government spending have reached record-setting levels, and consecutive deficits have burdened us with a worrisome debt load.   At times, taking on debt is necessary, such as in the event an economic...

September 12, 2019

An Attack on the Integrity of Canada’s Institutions

As the summer comes to a close, Burlingtonians have time to reflect before they head to the polls.  Top of mind should be Justin Trudeau’s violation of the Conflict of Interest Act in the SNC-Lavalin affair. At the heart of the issue, Justin Trudeau abused his authority as Prime Minister...

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